Package 1


VIP includes custom titles, join messages, vote extend, and more

We ask for & receive donations to maintain the servers, and every donation goes toward server up-keep. VIP is granted as a +perk to anyone who donates to us.

This means, that in the event of a VIP abusing their rights we have every right to take the rights away.

Package 2


Credits can be purchased for use in our store to buy items such as trails, models, and pets

VIP comes with a variety of benefits

VIP gives you a Reserved Slot on any server

Ability to use +paint

A special tag on both our Forum and Discord


VIP Models and Pets

Special models and pets available to only VIPs

Click on the image to the left to get a better look at some of the models and pets available

More models and pets available on the server

Commands, Colours, and Join Message

Special VIP commans like Vote Extend and more.

To see the list of available commands click here

Changeable title

Change the colour of your title, name, and chat to your liking

Set a custom join message to display whenever you join a server